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We are a passionate team of artist- maker- educators, who come together with a shared passion for innovating children’s education. Having gone through the conventional education paths, every trainer of the team is motivated by the vision that children must be educated in a more hands-on, cross-generational manner. We teach problem-based STEAM with an emphasis on material science, design thinking, and collaborative work.

Our workshop facilitates the tools and environment to awaken and nurture that curiosity in young minds in the search for viable and creative solutions.

We have extensive experience integrating rapid prototyping and design methods and tools into educational settings.

We organized Kids Hack Day in schools, libraries, IMDA PIXEL lab and community clubs, as well as bringing students to Science Center to participate in MAKER FAIRE. Together we have reached more than 40,000 students through a series of Creative Art cum PlayMaker programmes.

Our strong pool of experience facilitators are

  • Graduates from local Art Academy or overseas Art Institutions

  • Certified by AMIS (Art and Music Instructor Scheme)

  • Accredited by NAC (National Arts Council)

  • Trained in PAL / SEL (MOE)

  • Qualified ACTA trainers (WSQ framework)

  • Certified Specialist in Art Education (Awarded by NIE)


Our aim

A meaningful and impactful STEAM program will foster a genuine love for research, for asking questions and for curiosity and commitment to the world in which we live.

We hope to inspire students to be empathic creators who think beyond “outside the box.” We want to inspire them to never stop thinking, defy norms, break patterns and discover new ways of doing things: )

Let’s Work Together

26 Springside Green

Singapore 786909

Tel: 65 5542006 Hp 91292992

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