Be inspired 

Ceramics Art

Learn interesting techniques and tips making beautiful pottery. 

Playmaker workshop


Bring their ideas to life, right before your student’s eyes. Design Thinking fundamentals like ideation and prototyping take new shape when students watch their ideas go from “What if…” to “I did it!” in mere moments.

Students are able to develop a sense of confidence, curiosity, spirit of innovation and enjoyment in learning new knowledge.

3D Pen Art

Explore the use of 3D pen to create interesting sculpture in 2D and 3D.

Students will develop skill in utilizing line in a 3-dimensional context, experimenting with geometrical shapes, contour line and gesture line.

Teacher's workshop

Embark on a STEAM journey, pick up prototyping skills in our Maker Edu Camp and learn how to introduce making and Tech into the classroom.

Batik Art

Explore the beauty of fabric Batik! Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth.

Learn traditional batik-making process including sketching, applying wax and dying the fabric. The results are amazing! 

Cardboard Sculpturing

Transforms the ordinary medium of cardboard into impressive large-scale sculpture.

Students love working with cardboard as architecture, developing fabrication methods and experimental forms.  

Linocut Print making

Learn how to create a linoleum block print from image transfer to carving and printing.  This enjoyable process is quite rewarding when the prints are created. 

Students are able to create amazing works mainly in linocut technique, combining traditional graphic art with new technologies.


Murul Art

Lovely display of murals using a nice colour scheme and illustrations that inspired by National Day and our front-line heroes.